'; Abdominal Girth Exercise
Abdominal Girth Exercise

Repeat for several.

Abdominal girth exercise. Weight bearing exercises like running is great when you want to lose belly fat and beyond. If a plastic or cloth tape is used it should be checked regularly against a metal tape as others may stretch over time. Abdominal muscles can be strengthened by crunches and sit ups but usually girth can only be reduced through diet and cardiovascular exercise. Abdominal girth may be taken on by those experiencing persistent gas and bloating.

Reverse crunches help work the lower abdominal muscles of the stomach. Lie down or sit in a comfortable position placing one hand on your belly and the other on your chest. Bend sideways and try to touch your right heel with your right hand. Breathe in as deeply as you can until you can feel your stomach press against your hand.

Bend toward the other side and try to touch your left heel with your left hand. Keep your hands by your side chin up shoulders relaxed and core engaged. Hold then exhale and feel your stomach move back away from your hand. Biking swimming running or rowing machinepick your favorite way to get your body moving and your.

Kee your legs flexed feet wider than shoulder width apart and flat. This type of cardiovascular exercise involves brief periods of all out intensity like sprinting. Hiit exercise may be more effective than traditional cardio at cutting down abdominal fat.



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